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Where did the time go?
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Where did the time go?
05-Jun-10, 06:17 PM

Here we sit looking at the fields that suddenly are very high and looking very ready for haying.  It seems like only yesterday we were thinking what an amazingly early spring and how "ahead of the game" we were going to be on all the spring tasks ....... huhn.  Our friends and neighbours are feeling the same way, and we are all asking, "where did the time go?"  As exciting as it is to be heading into the busy season of haying, there is still so much to do to feel ready for that.  Kids will be weaning soon, our animals still need to get to proper pasture to settle in for the easy care summer routine and we need to find the time to slow down our lives a bit and have time to enjoy what we have accomplished.  I can't see finding the time for any of that in the near future, so again I ask, "Where did the time go?"

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