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Dexter Cattle

Why would you want a herd of Irish Dexter cattle? Why wouldn’t you?

Irish Dexter’s are sometimes classified as miniature cattle although it is generally agreed that they are of a type of cattle that would have been the original homestead cow, prior to upsizing and up breeding to the more modern beef and dairy cattle of today. Although their numbers are increasing, they are still considered a rare breed in many countries.

Dexter’s are triple purpose animals whose smaller size and mild, docile temperament allows them to be handled easily. They can be used for meat, milk and/or trained for yoke work if desired.
When raised for meat, the Dexter offers a high quality and more realistically portioned cuts of a lean tasty meat. There is a good meat to bone ration, less overall fat and good marbling of the meat when compared to the larger cattle breeds. Finished carcass weight is competitive with some of the other breeds, dressing out at about 57 to 62% of the live weight.

Their milk contains one of the highest natural butterfat contents of all the cattle breeds. They are easy to handle and can be trained for milking, haltering and yoke work. They are very intelligent and will even come when called if you are in the habit of rewarding this behaviour.

They are low maintenance, easy keepers, easy cavers and exceptional mothers. They require little or no grain supplements doing quite well on hay and pasture alone. They prefer to stay outside in winter with a tree line or a modest shelter for a wind break. Their lighter overall body weight means they have less impact on grazing or rotation fields. They are compatible grazers with both large and small livestock. We have no trouble running them with our goats, sheep or the guardian dogs. Dexters are ever predator weary and will chase off any unfamiliar animal that is intruding on their property.

From time to time, we offer breeding animals and freezer beef for sale. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

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