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Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs)

We looked long and hard before we settled on a breed of Livestock Guardian Dog for our farm. We believe first and foremost in good fencing to prevent clashes with nature, but our second line of defense (besides the Dexters of course) is our guardian dogs.

We finally settled on Maremma’s and couldn’t be more pleased with their performance to date.  Maremmas are one of the more moderately sized breeds of the guardian dog family, although our dogs do hit the upper limit of the breed standard. They are a little less aggressive than some of the breeds, but we found this breed in general the most appropriate for our unique situation.  Given the encroachment of subdivisions, children and other people’s animals we count on them to use their own good judgment in difficult and new situations.  We have found them to be extremely intelligent and easy to train.  This was one of our concerns when first deciding on a guardian breed being that we both work outside the farm and might not always be present to discourage any inappropriate behaviour.  For some of the more aggressive breeds curbing undesired behaviour every time during puppy training is a must.  Think long and hard about what you are able offer the breed in terms of appropriate training, not just what the best trained example of the breed is able to offer you and your farm; before you make a decision.
We offer puppies and mature stock for sale from time to time. Pricing starts at $350.00 and goes up from there depending on your needs and the amount of training we subsequently put into them prior to delivery.  Puppies should be placed with their new homes by 6-8 weeks of age if you are imprinting them on another type of livestock.  Please contact us for current availability or future planned breedings.  We do take reservations with a minimum $100.00 deposit to hold your puppy. 

Please note: These are unregistered, but purebred animals. As start up farmers we could not afford –in many ways –the cost of registered, nonworking stock. Our dogs are always on the job. Puppies are born and raised with the stock so they are imprinted on and safe with all of our animals.

Please see the following links to learn more about the Maremma’s and other guardian breeds as well as training your puppies:

Livestock Guardian Dogs Protecting Sheep from Predators


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