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Please note: We no longer breed Pygmy goats.

Pygmy Goats

We started into goats with these little ones. We have found them in general to be a strong and hardy breed, despite our lack of knowledge in the beginning.  Our philisophy of managing our animals as naturally as possible has been the key to our success with this breed.  We provide them shelter, but we don't shelter them and they respond with healthy vitality and spunk.  Our animals have 24/7 aqccess to the outdoors and are fed and watered exclusively outdoors.  They also have access to hay, minerals, salt and water 24/7 so they can regulate their own needs, not be controlled by our schedule. 

Our animals respond by growing and shedding beautiful winter coats and spending much of their days outside, staying healthy and active in all but the worst weather.  Pygmies sometimes have a reputation for being poor doers and hard to raise.  We have never had any issues with our Pygmies, so when we started to ask questions about how they are being managed, we discovered that humans imposing their feelings onto the goats is the direct cause of their health issues.  For more information on managing and housing your Pygmy goat, please see the "Healthy Management" page. 

We have selectively bred our Pygmies to decrease our overall size while maintaining the animals health and conformation.  We have never had foot or health issues in our Pygmy herd, but they do suffer from Napoleon complex in general being a small breed so one must take this into consideration before choosing a Pygmy as a pet.  Despite their small size, these goats are still useful for companionship of horses. Our kids are raised with our Dexter cattle and have enough sense to stay out from under foot.

Pygmies are now considered a rare breed in Canada, so if you really have your heart set on one for your farm, you should expect to be on a waiting list for several breeding seasons.  At Roving Winds Farm we keep only a small herd of these goats so we have only a limited number of animals avaiable each year for sale.

We offer our animals for sale starting at $350.00.

For more pictures of our Pygmy goats, please see our photo album.

Please note: At Roving Winds Farm, we do not dehorn our animals as we feel this is unnecessary stress on the animal and removes their natural means of defense. These animals will not use their horns in a malicious manner unless they are kept in quarters too small for their numbers or they have had their horns pulled on inappropriately from an early age. We believe children should be taught safe and respectful handling of these animals right from the start. Removing their horns takes away any respect these little ones are capable of demanding for others. 


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