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Thank you for your interest in our farm.
Please feel free to contact us via the methods below:

Roving Winds Farm
Coldwater, ON.
L0K 1E0

Tel: (705) 326-6993





How Can We Help You?

Roving Winds Farm is a working farm located in Coldwater, in Central Ontario, Canada.  Herd health and fibre quality are the most important aspects of our business.

Our main focus is Cashmere breeding stock and Cashmere fibre, for which we have won many awards and top placings over the years. 

We also keep Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, Irish Dexter Cattle, and Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs for sales of breeding stock.

If you have any questions please contact us.  We are happy to assist you in your purchase!

Please Note:  We do not allow people to simply drive in because they realize they are passing by the farm.  We are not an "open" farm.   We have worked hard to achieve and maintain a high health status on our farm and we have strict biosecurity measures in place which can easily be violated unintentionally by well meaning, but inpromptu visitors.  This means you must arrange an appointment time if you are planning to pick up your purchases, or if you want to come meet the goats and learn about them for future plans. 

We do not currently have a retail shop at the farm so there are no set hours for stopping in and we both currently maintain our off farm jobs, leaving our livestock guardian dogs in charge when we are away.  They do their jobs well so it is best to be an invited visitor. 

Given the time restraints mentioned above, please realize appointments have to be scheduled around taking care of the animals as their needs and maintaining their health are the most important thing to us.  We appreciate your consideration and your understanding and look forward to meeting you when we can be give you our undivided attention.   Appointments are best schedules through email as we are seldom in the house to answer the phone although you are welcome to try and reach us that way.


Tel: (705) 326-6993