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There are many different ideas on how to breed the perfect cashmere goat for your circumstances and end use goals.  Some degree of success is achieved through each method, but the same method may not and usually doesn't continue to work over time as no one strategy is the end all and be all.  This is where the breeders needs to know what the short and long term goals for their herd are, so they can apply the best strategy to the right circumstance and then adjust their program over time.  No strategy is complete without an understanding of basic genetics and inheritance factors. 
The following links provide an overview of different generalized breeding philosophies and heritabilites.  We have used this information in combination with valued input from as many sources in as many different breeds and experience levels as we can find as well as plain old trial and error and copius note keeping to help us develop our own unique breeding program here at Roving Winds Farm.  We hope you will find this information as useful and fascinating as we have in developing your own plan.
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy -books on genetic management and breeding strategies in rare breeds
Making New Bloodlines Using The Only Ram You Have –Carol J Elkins -a specific breeding example using ALBC techniques
Goat Cashmere ~Producing The Finest Fibre From New Zealand Goats  -booklet from New Zealand on cashmere goats and production. See chapter 8 –Breeding Principles and Practice and Chapter 9: How to select Cashmere Goats
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