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Cashmere Fibre
Our fleece is priced per ounce. This is raw fleece,, which means it has been combed and packaged directly from the goat.

Assessing Cashmere Fibre
Information on the different methods of assessing fibe, incluiding pros and cons of each method.  Including links to sources for obtaining both subjective and objective fibre elavaluation data on your caswhmere fleeces.

Harvesting Cashmere FIbre
Explanations of the timing and technique of harvesting very clean cashmere fleeces.

Managing your Goats
Information on managing your cashmere goats in as natural a condition as possible to enusre their maxiumum health with minimal labour and input costs.  Strategies to keep you both happy.

Breeding and Heritability
A general discussion and links to the most popular strategies on breeding and understanding genetic heritabilities.

Livestock Photo Gallery

Check out our livestock photo gallery where you can see our herd in full colour.

Contact Us

If there is some information you can not find on our site, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have.  We look forward to hearing from you!



Roving Winds Farm

Roving Winds Farm is a working farm located outside of Coldwater, in Central Ontario, Canada.   We believe in managing our animals in as natural a condition as possible to obtain maximum gains with minimal unnatural input. 

Key factors in achieveing this are to set high standards for herd health, correct structure and overall meat and or fibre quality.  These traits translate into hardy animals who are able to stay healthy by adapting quickly to their changing environment.

Farm Philosophy

We believe in preserving and furthering unique breeds of livestock in as natural a condition as possible, to create strong healthy, productive animals for meat, fibre and fun!

Why and How we started Farming

We never wanted to live the city life so as soon as we could, we purchased our first fixer upper home and set to work on our long term goals of owning acerage.  Our first house was in need of a LOT of TLC and had just a half acre of land with lots of mature trees.  Here we got out frist 2 goats and we were hooked on them.  When the housing market got hot, we stepped up our 5 year plan and sold our first house with enough profit to make a decent down payment on a farm.  The only thing was that no bank wanted to give a mortgage for the kind of "fixer upper" we were looking for.  Fortunately we found a place where the owner was willing to hold the mortgage for a couple of years and off we went. 

Once we had the property it seemed only right to start doing something with the land.  Our couple of little Pygmy goats could not keep up.  We went back to our research from years before on rare breeds.  After all we needed livestock that could manage on pastures that had been neglected for over 14 years while we turned our attentions to keeping the barn, built in the late 1800's, standing and gutting the house so we could live in it for the winter and of course putting in frivilous things like hydro and water.  We settled on cashmere goats to add to our herd of goats, as we already had some knowledge about goats in general.  Just after BSE hit we started to consider adding cattle to help with the pasture reclamation and to start producing our own residue free meat, which was our ultimate goal.  We saw an article on Dexter cattle and were hooked.  As fate would have it, that same week there was an ad in the local buy and sell paper for Dexters and off we went.  By April we had our starter herd of Dexters and we just loved them.  They were healthy and hardy and just what we needed not knowing much about cattle at that time.  

The sheep were added in 2005 after having also been in the planning stages for some time and trying to narrow down the choices and select to just the right breed for our situation.  The Black Welsh met our need for rare, hardy, low maintaince animals and their small size fit well into our lives.  

We added livestock guardian dogs somewhere along the line to protect our investment in the farm.  We again looked long and hard for the right fit of livestock guardian for our farm and Maremma's were it.  We are very happy with them and the job they are doing for our farm.

Flash forward, many years and the farm has grown, the barn is still standing, the fields have been fenced and refenced and the poor house is still liveable, but that is about it.    In 2005 we
renovated the back addition shortly before the floors fell through all together, but we still need to finish this part of the house and of course a lot of the rest of it.  We are hoping to turn our focus back to the house this fall and get moving on our goals in that aspect now that the farm is established. 

Our Passions

Our main passion and our main focus is Cashmere breeding stock and Cashmere fibre.  We have spent many years learning as much about cashmere fibre and its traits from as many people as are willing to discuss it with us.  The more we learn about cashmere and its amazing qualities, the more we are humbled to be involved with such amazing animals.  We also continue to be amazed at the variety of people we learn from and how you just need to be open to learning and the opportunities will present themselves.  That being said, we do not take breeding any animal lightly and have grand plans for improving the capacity and sustainability of all our rare breed animals. 

Our lovely, supportive, but non farming friends, think it funny that I max out my credit card buying bull semen and when in turmoil, I buy cows and breeding bucks over cars or new clothes.  Phil asks from time to time, albeit politely, if we can spare the money for him to get some new socks and undies.  I mean really .....  he needs to get his priorities straight! 

If you have not figued it out by now, renovating and salvaging old farm houses and barns is also high on our list of passions.  We hope to find the time and capitol to do more of this in the future. 

Welcome to our family and our lives.  We hope to meet you soon!


Tel: (705) 326-6993