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Cashmere Fibre
Our fleece is priced per ounce. This is raw fleece,, which means it has been combed and packaged directly from the goat.

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Check out our livestock photo gallery where you can see our herd in full colour.

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Interesting Links & Topics:

The history and development of these goats can be researched further through the following links:

Cashmere Goat Associations:

Eastern Cashmere Association 

Northwest Cashmere Association

Canadian Cashmere Producers Association

Capricorn Cashmere

Cashmere Goat Specific References:

Goat Cashmere ~ Producing the finest fibre from New Zealand goats
-published by the New Zealand Cashmere Assocition, funded by Meat & Wool Innovation
-a wonderful booklet on overall cashmere production, breeding principles, selection, and excellent and in-depth information on evaluating cashmere. 

Magnificant Cashmere ~ A Look into the Luxurious Clothing Fibre of Mongolia
-by Khishigjaragal Tsedev & Sedvanchig Tserenbat, Copyright 2000
-wonderful comprehensive book on cashmere fibre and all its nuances.  IF you can find a copy, it is a great education and future reference book.  

The Cashmere Story -Scottish Fibres
-an interesting synopsis of the cashmere industry in Scottland and facts about cashmere

Softness Attributes of Australian Cashmere
-interesting research article on cashmere from different regions and compared to cashgora

Good General Reference Books:

Managing Your Ewe ~ and her new born lambs by Laura Lawson
-excellent book on taking care of and spotting potential issues early, focused on ewes, but for the most part, equally applicable to your does.  Includes check lists and symptom flow charts complete with recommended treatments.  Wish I had this book recommended to me sooner!  

Goat Related Sites:

All things goat website articles on goats from all around the world!

Other Farms:

Chambord Farm in Quebec -mixed fibre farm, including sheep, goats, camelids and more!

Eliden Gardens -Dexter dairy, lovely dexters, beef and dairy products and Wwoofer opportunities


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