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Customer Feedback!

~"Just dropping you a note about the cashmere.  It's just beautiful and I can't wait to make something with it."

Traci F,
Pennsylvania, USA

~"In the morning mail I received my hank of the most marvelous cashmere and it is beyond wonderful. I'm sure we're talking heirloom quality knitted object.

Thanks again - you were so wonderful to deal with and the yarn is so amazing."

Dodie B, USA

~"Many thanks for introducing me to this exquisite luxury fibre! I feel like I'm knitting with spun gold!"

Marie T, Barrie, ON.




Please see our new online store for current products, pricing and availability.

Raw Fleece


Our fleece is priced per ounce. This is raw fleece, as stated, which means it has been combed and packaged directly from our goats. As such, it will contain some guard hair and vegetative debris. However, we strive to offer only the cleanest fleeces for raw fibre sales. 

$18.00 CDN + Tax per ounce (oz.), plus shipping and handling. (Note: 1oz = 28.3grams)

We also offer for sale most of our show fleeces if you can be patient enough to wait for them to come back to us in the fall when the show season is done.  If you are interested in one of these fleeces, please contact us early as some are reserved before the show season even starts!

100% Cashmere Roving

Our roving is available in these natural colours:

  • Natural white-"whipped Cream" -$22.00 CDN + tax per ounce
  • Medium brown with a cinnamon tone  -$23.00 CDN + tax per oz -temporarily sold out!
  • Medium brown with a gray tone -"Espresso" - $23.00 CDN + tax per oz
  •  Pale amber -"Crème Brule" -$23.00 CDN + tax per OZ

All sales are subject to taxes, shipping and handling. Handling fees may include a percentage of the total sale if using Paypal for payment.  (Note: 1oz = 28.3grams)

100% Cashmere Yarn


  Whipped Cream!
  Creamy natural white ~ $46.00 CDN, approx. 2 oz/skein

   ~2 ply fine lace weight, 400 yards/skein-temporarily sold out
   ~2ply , lace weight, 380 yard per skein 

  Butter me awesome! -temporarily sold out
  Pale buttery taupe ~$50.00, approx. 2oz/skein
  ~2 ply lace weight 400 yards/skein
  ~available in 200 yard skein, approx. 1 oz upon request at $25.00

  Tantalizing Taupe! -temporarily sold out
  Light taupe ~$50.00, approx. 2 oz/skein
  ~2 ply lace weight, 370 yards per skein
  ~available in 200 yard skein, Approx. 1 oz upon request at $25.00

  Soft Gray ~ $25.00, 200 yards, per 1 oz skein -1 left

 Amazing Mocha!
 Deep mocha brown ~ $50.00 CAN, approx.  2 oz/skein
 ~3 ply fingering weight, 210 yards per skein

All sales are subject to taxes, shipping and handling. Handling fees may include a percentage of the total sale if using Paypal for payment.  (Note: 1oz = 28.3grams)

Hand Dyed Cashmere


 We can offer cashmere hand dyed to your colour pallate.  Please note skeins are dyed individually, in small batches.  This means you need to make sure you order enough skeins to be confident you have the amount required for your project as repeat bacthes will not be the same dye lot.  Please also factor in a shrinkage factor on yardage when ordering.

 1 oz skeins offered at $30.00 
 2 oz skeins offered at $60.00 

Current colours are forest green, lime green, bright yellow, eggplant black/deep purple, teal, deep blue, burnt orange -orange with red shading.

All sales are subject to taxes, shipping and handling. Handling fees may include a percentage of the total sale if using Paypal for payment.  (Note: 1oz = 28.3grams)

      BEAUTIFUL CASHPACA YARNS!                                                $34.00/skein

Alpaca Cashmere blend yarns, in 4 ultra-luxious natural colours, 2 ply lace weight skeins. 

Light fawn -550 yards per skein,
Medium fawn - 450 yards per skein
Dark brown -360 yards per skein 
Deep black/brown -380 yards per skein. 

These are 15% cashmere for our goats and 85% alpaca from VIP Alpacas.  This yarn is a beautiful blend of top quality fibre and priced moderately at $34.00/skein, approx. 2 ounces.

The light fawn -400 yards per skein and medium fawn -440 yards per skein, are also available in a 15% cashmere, 5% merino, 80% alpaca blend.

Cashpaca Crochet Shawl -5.5 ounces!  Pattern Available!

Cashmere Hides:

Cashmere-in Hides

We offer washable, tanned hides from our cashmere meat goats with the cashmere still in.  These are amazingly luxurious hides , perfect for chair backs, car seat covers or even tractor seat warmers for the posh farmer.  They come in a variety of stunning natural patterns.  The cashmere in the hides attracts and retains heat making them super warm and the crimp of the cashmere fibre helps keep the loft of the hides over time.  

Offered for sale starting at $100.00 plus Tax, shipping and handling.

We currently have a beautiful selection of black and white and amber hides.  Some with long guard hair and some with short. 

Coming soon, red, silver and salt and pepper coloured hides.

Cashmere Rug Hides

We offer tanned hides in a variety of colours and guard hair lengths that are perfect as throw rugs.  The cashmere was harvested from these hides prior to tanning.

Offered for sale at $100.00 plus Tax, shipping and handling.

Drum Hides

We carry a varity of clean air dried hides perfect for those who make hand drums.   

Offered for sale starting at $50.00 plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling.

If you have a specific requirement, please contact us and we will do our best to find the perfect item for you.

Cashmere Guard Hair for tying Fly Fishing Lures!
We have had several requests over the years from Fly fishing lure makers for samples of the guard hair these goats produce.  It seems the coarse, hollow guard hair is well suited for Fly Fishing Lures.  The added bonus is that cashmere guard hair comes in an unlimited variety of colours and lengths.  We are pleased to be able to make use of another one of these goats many gifts.  Please contact us with your specific needs and we would be happy to collect a custom mix of shades for your next project. 

Tel: (705) 326-6993