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Our fleece is priced per ounce. This is raw fleece, which means it has been combed and packaged directly from the goat.

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Information on the different methods of assessing fibe, incluiding pros and cons of each method.  Including links to sources for obtaining both subjective and objective fibre elavaluation data on your cashmere fleeces.

Harvesting Cashmere FIbre
Explanations of the timing and technique of harvesting very clean cashmere fleeces.

Managing your Goats
Information on managing your cashmere goats in as natural a condition as possible to enusre their maxiumum health with minimal labour and input costs.  Strategies to keep you both happy.

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A general discussion and links to the most popular strategies on breeding and understanding genetic heritabilities.

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Breeding Bucks at Roving Winds Farm

SFC Emillius:


Emillius was imported in June of 2013 from Black Locust Farm in Maine.  He is a large buck with beautifully fine fleece.  His second fleece was referred to as "fairy dust" by one judge.  His 3rd tested at 15.5 microns, SD of 2.8, CV of 18.2 and curvature rating of 74.6.  he possesses a beautiful pale taupe shaded fleece which is a colour we are trying to develop consistently in his offspring. We will be harvesting first fleece from his daughters in a relative few months but so far they are looking very promising.  A very nice buck with a wonderful temperament.

CYP Bibbles:


Bibbles was imported along with Emillius and was selected for his beautiful long guard hair, wonderful fleece and mostly because his sire was a salt and pepper buck whom I am rather fond of.  Unfortunately Bibbles did not produce a single salt and pepper kid for us this spring, although he has produced lots of beautiful silver kids and some very beefy, very densely fleeced bucklings.  Bibbles was the Grand Champion fleece for the 2011 ECA fibre show.  His 5th fleece tested at 16.9 microns, SD of 3.3, CV of 19.7 and a curvature of 65.8 based on a 3 site sampling method.  Another wonderfully tempered buck from Yvonne's breeding.

 RWF Frodo:


Frodo is sired by BLF Gilligan our salt and pepper coloured first  import whom we sadly lost a couple years ago.  Frodo has such a consistent patterning it is hard not to find him beautiful.  He is producing a very nice fleece with good density.  Unfortunately I did not get him sampled last year but he was super fine with excellent style.  He will be joining the breeding group this fall in hopes of creating some more salt and pepper does for our herd who produce that beautiful silver fleece. 

RWF Hjoodlum and RWF Hyppocrates:

Hjoodlum (left) is the son of BLF Hjort and RWF Bianca a beautiful fleeced black doe.  He carries red genetics and had a lovely first fleece.  We are growing him out to be Hjorts replacement when the time comes but for now Hjort has no plans of being taken out of the breeding line up.  Hjoodlum's first fleece tested at 15.1, an SD of 3.0, CV of 19.5 with a curvature of 67.6 based on a 3 site sampling method.  He was a chance bottle baby so is a bit spoiled and as such pushes his way into places he should not be due to his sense of entitlement, so the name suites him perfectly!

Hyppocrates (right) is the son of Duke and an STC Ferguson daughter.  He is a nicely built yearling with medium length guard hair and nice silver fibre.  HIs first fleece was not as fine as I would have hoped, but I am hoping he follows his mom's side of the family and does not coarsen with age.  If this prediction holds true, he will be an asset the meat side of our breeding program

RWF Gitanno:

Gitanno is sired by Duke out of RWF Attanna, whom I think is one of the best dual purpose does we have ever produced on our farm.  Gitanno, has longer guard hair like both his parents and shows excellent length and style.  He has a wonderful temperament and body structure.  His second fleece tested at 14.5 microns, has an SD of 2.7, a CV of 18.3 with a curvature of 73.5.  He will join the breeding herd this fall and we expect some really nice kid from him come spring.  Unfortunately we did not get a complete comb on his this spring so he needs a trim to tidy him up before he meets the girls.

STC Platyo:


Playto is a black and white swiss marked buck (note the belly is black and the legs are all white with no striping)  who came to us from Springtide Farm along with his half brother Ferguson.  He entered our breeding program in the fall of 2008.  He seems to be passing his beautiful meat body onto his offspring regardless of the does traits and is adding finess and length as well.  We are pleased to report some stunning offspring with stunning fibre, so much so we have repeated many of the breedings with the same wonderful results.   Playto's 3rd fleece tested at 15.7 microns, SD 3.1, CV 20.0 with a curvature of 67.2 based on a 3 site sampling method. 

BLF Hjort:


Hjort was imported in January of 2008 from Black Locust Farm.  He has achieved multiple Grand Champion placings in his career.  In his day, he was a higher volume producing buck with exceptional overall quality cashmere.  The quality of his fibre is still there but at the age of 11.5 he is coming up a bit short for length.  He is one tough goat and passes on his hardiness to his kids having survived a bought with Listeriosis last fall and fly strike with a broken horn this summer.  He sired kids while still recovering last fall and again this spring although that was not our plan and he is eagerly looking forward to this years breeding season.  

He had a Grand Champion buck placing at the 2009 NWCA show.  In 2004 Hjort was Grand Champion Buck at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival live show and at the 2007 ECA Fleece competition he earned Best Fleece in Show in a field of 102 entries.  Hjort's anscestry is a nice blend of early Australian, Tasmanian and spanish blood lines, which compliments our other bucks traits beautifully.  Hjort entered our breeding program in the fall of 2008.  Hjort carries the red gene and we are pleased to have some red and amber amazingly fleeced offspring from Hjort and we look forward to seeing what they can do in the future. 

BLF Duke:

Duke arrived in Canada in late January 2010.  He is a live and fibre show Grand Champion Buck.  He joined our breeding program in the fall of 2010 and we could not wait for spring to come and he did not disappoint!  Duke  is a stunning black buck with beautiful long guard hair, but we selected him prior to his wins based on his exceptional fleece volume, fineness, style and differentiation.  His second fleece weighed in at 10.4 ounces with an estimated micron of 14.2, with excellent style and consistency.  Duke has produced some beefy, heavy fleece daughters for us to date.  His lineage is also a half and half blend of original Australian imports and original spanish goats.  Duke will allow us to do some pretty specific line breeding as we move the herd forward as well as add a bit more guard hair cover to help protect the increase in fibre length we are achieving. 

BLF Clyde:                                                   FOR SALE!!!!!

Clyde is a black buck who was imported as a prospect, but mostly as company for Duke during transport and during our farm protocol 3 month quarantine.  Clyde produces an excellent volume and has a nice meaty build.  Clyde's mother is a PMF doe from Montanna who traces directly back to the Australian imports from the well known Karakan herd.  Several PMF animals can be found in the background of my foundation does, so Clyde also allows us to increase our genetic diversity by bringing this line back to the forefront in our herd.  The Karakan herd is known for its length, volume and style as well as a good solid meat build, as are their PMF descendants.  We are selling him only because we have imported Emillius whose fleece is a colour we are developing and he is related to Clyde.  Clyde's 5th fleece tested at 16.3 microns, had an SD of 3.2, a CV of 19.6 with a curvature of 77.2.   He would be an excellent addition to any herd. 

RSC Harley:                                 

Harley came to us from Riversong Farms as a kid and is pictured here at 8 years of age.  Harley is a beautful amber buck who produces an above average quantiy of stylish cashmere fibre and whose lineage is also heavily based on the Australian imports.  He is a well built large buck who has been a great aid in developing our line of red goats.  Harley's 4th fleece, as a partial fleece, weighed in at 6.4 ounces and tested at 16.42 microns, SD 3.6, CV 22.1 with a curvature of 75.9 based on a 3 site sampling method. 

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