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Information on managing your cashmere goats in as natural a condition as possible to enusre their maxiumum health with minimal labour and input costs.  Strategies to keep you both happy.

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Our fleece is priced per ounce. This is raw fleece,, which means it has been combed and packaged directly from the goat.

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RWF Bippity

Bippity is a silver, triplet daughter of one of our Lismore line does.  Pictured here just prior to her cashmere harvest.  She exhibits a lovely balanced frame, medium length guard hair with a beautiful cashmere fleece protected from the elements underneath.  Her offspring have been very promising so far no matter the buck she is paried with.  Always a sucker for the elegance of a long guard haired animal, we are pairing her with our recent high volume,  Junior and Grand Champion Buck in fibre and live show, import BLF Duke this fall.  We expect some exceptional kids from this breeding so look for them in the 2012 fibre show season and on our upcoming sales pages.  Bippity was pictured in Hobby Farms Magazine in the cashmere goat article.  Bippity has now retired and is living on a publically accessible working farm as an ambassador for the breed.  Her daughter Devilyn is working hard to fill her hoofs here on the farm.   

RWF Daramascotta

Dara, named after a scenic town on a tidal river close to her father's birth place in Washington, Maine, is a Brown and Black Badger Face doe, pictured here as a 10 month old doeling.  She is sired by our first import BLF Gilligan.  Her first fleece was a very clean combing and weighed in at 5.8 ounces.  Well above what we were used to seeing in a frist fleece from our Canadian stock lines.  She did quite well in the 2009 fleece show circuit and so far this year her 7.1oz partial 2nd, very clean combed fleece is also representing our farm well.  She is a big, well built doe with nice length, excellent differentiation and exceptional low maintainence hoof structure.  She produced her first set of kids for us this spring, twin doelings and we anticipate some beautiful big fleeces from these girls in the spring of 2011.  We can't wait for the harvest to begin!


RWF Arabica

Arab is a Figaro daughter from a Lismore line silver doe and a half sister to Bippity.  She is producing some really nicely offspring to add to our herd.  She produces over 7 clean ounces of light brown coloured, long, beautiful cashmere fibre.  She is a dream to comb as her cashmere just flows out from under that guard hair with very little effort.  Her fleece is very popular with hand spinners and is typically the first fleece sold or reserved each year, which is why she never makes it to show.  Maybe next year.  We liked this breeding so well, we repeated it and produced RWF Erika.  Also a brown and black badger, she will be joining the breeding herd this fall and we expect her to be as successful as her older sister.  Arabica is now proudly owned by Cachemire Farms where she is one of their beautiful, high producing foundation does.



RWF Ellie Mae

Ellie Mae is a STC Playto daughter.  Pictured here at 17 months of age, she is a big beautiful girl.  Her depth is matched by her width creating a beautifully balanced meat body.  We are especially pleased with Ellie's body traits as her mother was a finer, non meat bodied doe.  We bred her to Grand Champion import buck, BLF Duke, this past fall.  Duke will reinforce some pretty impressive meat lines as well as bring his tremendous volume, finess and style to the equation to compliment what Ellie is already showing.  

Ellie is an exceptional gal who had produced 10 kids for us through 3 breeding seasons and raised them all herself.  Her fleece length has suffered a little due to this but her fineness, style and handle have remained amazing and her kids are beautiful additions to any herd.  She was bred to Emillius this past fall and the kids are beautiful brown badgers.  I expect her buckling will be offered for sale but one of her daughters might also be available later this summer.  

One of last years white doelings from Figaro resides at La Chevre D'oeuvre cashmere herd in Quebec.


RWF Egypt

Egypt is sired by STC Playto and is a half sister to Daramascotta pictures above.  She is 17 months in this photo.  As you can see, Playto if putting beautiful, consistent meat bodies on his kids, although in this case, mom certainly gave her half to that equation as well.  Egypt's first fleece was very fine and stylish with an average length of 2+ inches.  Her fleece is holding its quality and volume over time and is a beautiful rich shade of taupe.  We are hoping to breed her mom Farris one last time back to Playto this fall and crossing our fingers we get another Egypt  We chose to breed Farris to Emillius last fall and she blessed us with triplet doelings at 10 years of age. 

Egypt was be bred to BLF Duke again last fall and she once again produced twin doelings from this union for us.  I am hoping one of them develops longer guard hair.  Last years longer guard haired black doeling went to La Chevre D'oeuvre cashmere herd in Quebec along with Ellie's daughter and Estelle's son Gryphon.


RWF Estelle

Another beautiful STC Playto sired doe, pictured here at 17 months of age.  Estelle has a beautiful meat build.  Again we see the beautiful consistent depth of a meat goat, that is matched by amazing width.  This is again credit to Playto's influence as Estelle's mother is a finer framed doe, ableit with amazingly fine, consistent fleece.  Estelle's first fleece was super fine, over 2 inches in length and very stylish.  Sadly, I missed combing most of the fleece lasyyear, but I did manage to harvest her fleec this spring and I am thrilled with it!  Estelle is built like a tank and produces lots of beautiful fibre. 

Her gorgeous son with BLF Duke also went to Quebec to work as their next herd sire.  She was paired with Bibles last fall and so far her beautiful doelings are growing out well.  one of them may be available for sale later this summer.


RWF Elodie

Elodie is sired by multi-Grand Champion buck BLF Hjort.  Elodie is a little finer boned but is a lovely well balanced meaty girl, although it is hard to see these traits as clearly with the longer guard hair on her back legs.  Her first fleece was a very fine, stylish fleece with very good length overall.  She produced and average volume of fibre so we are hoping for increased volume in her second fleece and we will be breeding her to increase the volume of fibre produced by her offspring.  Elodie was bred to Jor-El last fall and produced two very stocky bucklings.  The silver boy is looking very impressive presently.



RWF Flax

Flax is a good example of the type of dual purpose animals we are breeding for in our herd.  She sired by RWF Chaplin, out of RWF Callysta (please see the buck page and the fibre show results page for information on these 2 animals) and is already showing a beautiful meat build and good growth at just 5 months of age.  She is also showing excellent fibre density and her fibre length has already exceeded our expectations.  She is one of our up and coming line bred girls and we are thrilled that we seem to have gotten exactly what we were expecting in this breeding pairing. We eagerly await combing her fleece in the spring; if she can learn to stay out of the Queen Ann's Lace seed heads that is!  

Flax had another amazing fleece this year.  She has it all as most of our Chaplin sired kids do.  Last fall she was bred to BLF Hjort and produced some really nice stocky kids.  The black doeling appears to be going to have longer guard hair and as such will be retained in our breeding herd at least until the spring when we make our final decisions about the next group of breeding does.  This was a really nice combination of does.  Her swiss marked doeling sired by Plato was sold to a new producer last summer and by all counts is doing very well. 

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