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Our fleece is priced per ounce. This is raw fleece,, which means it has been combed and packaged directly from the goat.

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2014 kids will begin to arrive in less than 4 weeks!  

We are taking reservations for this years kids.  We will have an excellent selection of kids from 14 different bucks.  We are currently harvesting and evaluating last years hold over doelings and bucklings and I have to say there are some pretty impressive fleeces out there.  I can only retain a few of these animals here so most of them will be available for sale.  One doeling I sampled this morning takes after her sire Emillius and her fibre is fine crimpy dust and she has good length for that type of fleece.  She will be for sale so contact us soon if you are interested in her!

This years arrivals are sired by the following bucks:

BLF Duke, BLF Hjort, RWF Frodo, RWF Gitanno, STC Playto, CYP Bibbles, RWF Hjoodlum and RSC Harley, whose information can be found on our bucks page. As well as:

SFC Emillius, imported in June 2012, possesses wonderful fibre traits. His second fleece was described by a very well respected cashmere judge as "fairy dust".  Emillius' fleece is a beautiful shade of pale taupe and exactly the shade we are looking for to develop this popular colour line further in our herd.  His third fleece numbers came in at 15.52 microns, SD 2.8, CV 18.2 and a curvature of 74.6 based on a 3 site smapling method.  He is a very large boy who should add to and reinforce size in our herd as well as reinforce strong firbre traits and excellent differentiation.  We have seen some nice stocky kids from Emillius with good growth.

BLF Jor-El, also an imported buck, is a large framed guy who is going on three this spring.  His fleece numbers have been impressive so far and his first fleece was first in its class at the 2012 NWCA show.  He is a silver son of Bibbles and should allow us some line breeding options in future.  He had some nice stocky kids last year so we look forward to seeing what he did for us this year. 

RWF Garnet is a deep red buckling sired by RSC Harley out of our beautifully show fleeced doe BT.  He was a very growthly, wide buckling with an excellent libido.  He inherited both his parents beautiful fleece qualities, good length and differentiation and of course possesses a lovely amber shade fleece which is gaining popularity with our customers.  He produced some super dark red bucklings and some really interesting colour in general.  You can see a picture of one of his sons on our face book page.  I was quite impressed with the builds on his kids right from birth.  We will certainly be using this boy again.  I was further suprized to see Garnet standing almost shoulder to shoulder with Emillius the other day and can't wait to see him mature.

BLF Clyde was sold to a wonderful home where his personality and gentleness are much appreciated and he has taken on important role of foundation herd sire for a new Ontario herd.  He has produced some lovely fleeced kids for us and he saw a couple does before he left us for his new home.  Clyde's fleece is a lovely silver grey tone.  His 5th fleece numbers came in at 16.35 microns, SD 3.2, CV 19.6 with a curvature of 77.2 based on a 3 site sampling method.  He has always had above average volume. 

RWF Garabaldi is a black and brown caramel coloured buck out of RWF Arabica and BLF Duke.  Both parents carry long guard hair.  Arab is out of RSC Figaro and Oreo.  Figaro can be seen on our buck page.  Oreo was a long guard haired silver doe from the Lismore line.  Garabaldi's second fleece numbers came in at 15.42 microns, SD 3.3, CV 21.5 with a curvature of 69.4.  His fleece is a beautiful deep taupey brown shade with very good length.  We will try and get some pictures posted of this boy soon. 

RWF Fry is a medium sized meaty white buck who is maintaining very fine stylish fibre.  He was bred only to super white fleeces does last fall in hopes of feveloping a super white line of cashmere fleeces. 

There will likely be some mature bucks come up for sale later this year once we evaluate the current kid crop and other buck prospects. 

We have some 2013 does and bucks available for sale once the harvest has been completed and their fibre traits assessed.  We will also had proven does for sale raning in age from 204 years of age. 

Please contact us with your interests so we can suggest the perfect addition to your farm. 

Waiting for dinner in -20 C weather. 

A minimum $100.00 non-refundable* deposit to hold your kid choices.  Once you choose from the sales list, we require at least half of the total payment with the remainder due prior to the kids leaving the farm.  
RWF Fire

A doe kid from our line of red goats.  Isn't she beautiful?  Her mother thinks so!

Does For Sale:

Each fall, we also have a selection of adult does for sale.  These are does that we won't be reatining as breeding animals in our herd as we continue to seek to produce the ideal cashmere goats for our circumstance and management style.  However they are still good cashmere producinng animals and can be bred to your choice of buck for an additional breeding fee.  These girls are sold at a reduced price but must be off the farm by December 31st unless boarding arrangements have been made prior to that time.  Please contact us directly to discuss pricing and individual details.  These are good quality cashmere does at a very good price.  

Does with exceptional meat bodies but whose fibre doesn't meet our requirements for cashmere production for one reason or another are available for sale to commercial meat herds in the late summer and early fall.  They offer winter hardiness, feed efficiency, require little in the way of suppliments and raise healthy, fast growing kids.  Traits that are an asset to any commercial meat operation.  Please contact us for current avaiablilty. 

I will continue to review the herds and add animals to the sales list as I can, but if you have a specific request or would like a specific genetic combination or colour, contact us with your interests.  Once the girls are bred, they won't be leaving the farm unless they are paid for in advance and you are making the breeding choice.  If I make the breeding decision, I won't part with them as I am a bit neurotic about my need to see if the combination turned out as I expected. 

* Please note there are some circumstances in which we will refund a deposit.  However, since these animals are removed from our sales list and are not viewed by anyone else after you have chosen, in most cases this rule stands.  Animals are not officially reserved until the deposit clears the bank, although we will do everythying possible to ensure the list is not sent to the next person on the waiting list until the buyer has had suffiicent time to get a deposit to us.  We will notify you that we are about to repost your animals for sale and allow you the opportunity to make alternative payment arrangements.  Deposits are transferrable to a subsequent year, but only for 2 seasons at which time they deposit is considered forfeited. 

Tel: (705) 326-6993